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Infant/Toddler Classroom

Ratio 1:4 | 4 students & 1 teacher

Our infant/toddler room is designed to provide ample opportunities for one on one interaction, as well as an early introduction to socialization. We believe that even the youngest of our students are entitled to an environment filled with learning and sharing the love of Christ with one another. The teachers provide a loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere rich with experiences within the classroom and outdoor exploration.

Two Year Old Classroom

Ratio 1:7 | 14 students & 2 teachers

Our two year old classroom is full of life and energy as it should be! A conscience balance of structured and emergent curriculum provide opportunities for hands-on learning. Our two year old students are encouraged to thrive in their independence as they are taught to be confident in their self help skills. This classroom is available for children that are still in diapers as well as those who are toilet trained or in the process. With guidance, our students begin to emerge with creativity, finding often that they are up to their elbows in paint! Our students are encouraged to experience moments to the highest potential as we incorporate spirituality and the first building blocks of faith in God.

Three Year Old Classroom

Ratio 1:10 | 10 students & 1 teacher

Our three year old classroom focuses on positive socialization, incorporating the knowledge of a life lived for Christ. The students are encouraged to respect, love and care for one another as they build meaningful relationships with one another. The introduction of academic skills are also blended into the curriculum daily.  Our students grow in their ideas and choices as they actively participate in the emerging curriculum. Four Year Old Classroom

Four Year Old Classroom

Ratio 1:12 | 12 students & 1 teacher

This classroom is built upon many of the concepts taught during the first semester of Kindergarten. These concepts are taught throughout the course of the school year, blending emergent learning opportunities to the core of the curriculum. The students continue to be nurtured emotionally as they grow deeper in their knowledge of God’s love. Some of the students will leave this classroom and enter Kindergarten, while others will move forward into the next classroom.

Four & Five Year Old Classroom

Ratio 1:12 | 12 students & 1 teacher

This is the final stage of growth before our students ultimately spread their wings & fly! This classroom also serves students who could have entered Kindergarten, but chose to have an additional year of opportunity & development. Although this classroom is also based on the first semester of Kindergarten, it is taken to a deeper and higher level of thinking. The children take ownership of their involvement in the planning and implementing of curriculum. They are challenged to make choices and take initiative in their ideas. The students are taught with patience, love, encouragement and guidance throughout this important stage of learning and development. Our hope is to assist our students to be deeply rooted in faith and love before they move forward into the next stage.